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Antaike Investigation: Big snow deteriorates the transportation difficulty in north lead smelter

2020-02-14 16:08:30

Beijing, February 14 (Antaike)-- This photo was taken by Mr. Zhi Xuegong, general manager of Inner Mongolia Xing’an Silver & Lead on the morning of Feb 14th. Workers were on the way to work at this big snow day, one after one with certain distance in the warm light. Mr. Zhi said the only accessible highway was in traffic control today due to the bad weather.



Antaike’s lead and zinc study group has maintained good relationship with Xing’an Silver & Lead. The company is in Chifeng city, where there is beautiful prairie and all year long low temperature. Usually transportation will be blocked by the big snow at this time of year, but it is far beyond that this year. Chifeng city has indentified 7 persons with pneumonia, and local government is extremely strict towards the epidemic control. Companies there face great difficulties in transportation, but the even bigger problems are high finished products inventory thanks to the late or insufficient operation of downstream industries, and it is hard to return the funds.


As the largest refined lead smelter in north and northeast China, Xing’an Silver & Lead added 150ktpy of waste LAB dismantling capacity, boosting its refined lead capacity from 100ktpy to 200ktpy. The company produced 130kt of refined lead in 2019.


Through telephone communication, Antaike gets to know Xing’an Silver & Lead plans to cut output by 40% recently due to high inventory and blocked transportation.





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