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Gansu Tiancheng exports medical aluminum foil stock to India

2020-09-10 14:46:27


Gansu Tiancheng exports medical aluminum foil stock to India

Beijing, September 10 (Antaike)- Gansu Tiancheng Color Aluminum Co., Ltd. recently exported 200 tonnes of aluminum foil stock used for medicine to India through Tianjin port, according to source from the company.

The sales and technical personnel of Gansu Tiancheng have communicated with the Indian client and export agent for many times by mail, telephone, video conference on product processing process and the aluminum foil quality requirements, material properties, alloy composition, specifications and the terms of the contract, such as communication, remote consultation, cooperation intention.

After receiving the order, the products are delivered and put into use within only one month, which is highly recognized by the agent and customer.

(Translating by Huang Wei (Michael Huang), analyst working at Aluminum Department of Antaike, phone: +86-10-63978092, ext. 8093. If you have any queries about customer service, please contact Li Yuan via Email: or phone: +86-10-62560921)